About Us

Mettle Chem is a reputed EXPORT HOUSE based in India, sourcing the product according to the specific requirement of the buyer. Since past two year, Mettle Chem, are actively involved in export of various chemicals, Fertilizers & Minerals worldwide, procured from our group companies or associate companies or from other reputed manufacturers from India and from third countries as well. Read More

Our Credentials

Mettle Chem - A leading agrochemical marketing company with global presence. Dedicated & strong technocrat promoter group & well experienced management team Strong Sourcing capabilities with key supplier groups worldwide Market across to over 30 countries spread across 5 geographic regions. Quick delivery of a wide range of agrochemicals products maintaining of high quality. Read More

Our Products

M-Boost is a non-toxic biological product that stimulates a wide array of plant growth benefits such as cell division and influence cell differentiation, bigger flowers and fruit set. Read More

It is viable alternative to chemical fungicides and can be used as part of an integrated disease management program to reduce the risk of pathogens developing resistance to traditional chemical based fungicides. Read More

M-Vital is beneficial as Nutrient, Carrier and Additive. It is effective for all soils and most recommended for soils exhibiting reduced yield or growth potential due to poor pH levels, sandy or high porosity soils. Silicon is considered plant nutrient "anomaly". The content of silica in plants is equivalent to or more than the major nutrients N,P,K supplies through fertilizers. Read More

Our Advantage

String registration bank well experienced team of Marketing and sourcing working across key Europe markets One stop shop for wide range of agrochemical products. Timely shipment & prompt communication Pre & Post shipment follow-up till landing of goods at buyers doorsteps. Perseverance in quality & service.