About Us

Mettle Chem is a family owned organization started in the year 2010 and began its operations in Animal Feed and Textile markets. The growth of the company has been phenomenal and it has a strong and diversified presence in Animal Feed, Textiles, Agrochemicals and Waste Water Treatment Industries.

Over the years, Mettle Chem has formed excellent collaboration with manufacturers of international repute. This has evolved as core strength for the company and is ingrained in its business approach.

The practical partnership approach has enabled Mettle Chem to significantly add to its customer base.

We ensure that our partners receive the most cost-efficient deals while never foregoing the ethics of trade and preserving our partners’ interests in highly competitive market. Through all this, and more, Mettle Chem constantly seeks and offers opportunities for new business development, thereby presenting a fairly wholesome model of trade to its current and perspective partners.

Why Choose Us

All of our goods go through verification of their technical specifications once received. This is performed in an independent, non-affiliated laboratory.

We provide Additives, Supplements, Enzymes, Herbal supplements & Medicines