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Our products aimed at the support and promotion of animal health

Animal Health

A healthy animal is a productive animal, central key point for a successful enterprise. This product line provides optimized solutions to overcome field challenges and promote healthy farm animals. Our focus is on pinpoint applications aimed at specific timeframes for which a specialized approach is required.

Immunity & Fertility

Performance enhancement and immunity boost for a strong start and during stress conditions


  • Cooling Agent like menthol, Citric Acid & Vitamin C
  • Instant Energy from Lactose, Dextrose and other Carbohydrates/ Electrolyte (for summer stress)
  • Osmolytic Agents like Beteaine & Glycine
  • Helps in rapid recovery in Diarrhoea & Dysentery during heat and temperature condition
  • Ensure adequate water intake and helps in maintaining constant body temperature


  • Animal / Poultry Feed Supplement to Enhance Immunity
  • Improve disease resistance, growth and vaccination effectiveness
  • To overcome from Innate Immunity and Acquired Immunity.


  • Garlic extract, has broad spectrum antibacterial, antifungal, bactericidal effect
  • Non-toxic side effects without residue and resistance
  • No residues and other drugs in the body does not produce cross resistance.
  • Improving animal meat flavor, lower cholesterol.


  • Rooster - Buster with nucleotides is a concentrated liquid complementary feeding stuff. Contains vitamins, trace elements, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids and electrolytes with added nucleotides.
  • Support immune system, enhance and boost growth potential, recovery in stress and disease.

Immunity, Growth & Performance Enhancer

Enhanced performance through protection of the liver.


  • Energy for gut mucosa cells
  • Control of gut health disorders caused by bacterial pathogens, especially in young animals
  • Better nutrient digestibility which results in an increase in performance
  • Stimulation of secretion of digestive enzymes


  • Insect Growth Regulator And Non-Antibiotic Antimicrobial
  • Controls fly larvae in poultry farms
  • Improves the litter quality by reducing unwanted noxious gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulphide from the litter
  • Improves productivity and performance
  • Improves appetite and increases feed intake
  • Reduces the pathogen load in both feed and intestine because of its strong antimicrobial property
  • Reduce intestinal motility and act as an anti-diarrhoeal
  • Allows food stay for a longer time in the intestine and helps in better absorption of nutrients
  • Improves growth rate and feed conversion efficiency


  • Vitaminized Glucose / Animal vitality booster
  • For metabolic deficiency states, epithelium restoration process and hepatic intoxication, stress, transports, debeaking, vaccination, dehydration, extreme temperatures, diarrheas, avitaminosis, posture convalescence, decrease or lack of vitality.
  • BB Chicks, increases the life possibilities in its first days, guaranteeing a maximum (vital) water consumption and strength development.

Protection against Bacteria.


  • Protection of aquatic animals against pathogenic bacteria and fungi leads to good health. Starting from PL-14 to PL-30 (or one month)
  • Aqua Life improves Vitality, Vigour, nutrient absorption and helps in feed conversion.
  • Aqua Life is a proven anti stress agent during all stress conditions.


  • Disinfectant and a water acidifier
  • To remove scales and biofilms from drinking water lines and cooling pads
  • To remove algae and slime from drinking water lines and cooling pads


  • Non-antibiotic feed additive
  • Improves growth rate and feed conversion efficiency
  • Active against fungi, gram positive and gram negative bacteria, and against protozoa
  • Prevents and cures many types of diarrhoea
  • Unique anti-peristaltic activity to promote better absorption of nutrients
  • Very little is systemically absorbed. Halquinol works in the GI tract
  • Safe for target animals and humans
  • No resistance development has been reported
  • No withdrawal period, no residues

Effective Mould Inhibitor and Toxin Binder


  • Protect against spoilage of feed and feed ingredients
  • Broad spectrum mould inhibitor and toxin binder

Hepatic Solutions

Enhanced performance through protection of the liver.

META TONIC(Liver Tonic)

  • An appetizer, to stimulate feed intake, growth promote, better egg production, weight gain and FCR.
  • To help liver regeneration
  • To counteract Mycotoxins in feed.
  • For better adaptability to stressful conditions.


Better growth in poultry, livestock.


  • Potential Blend of Vitamin-B Complex, Amino Acids and Choline Chloride for Poultry, Livestock Farming
  • 5 times higher concentration of Vitamin B Complex, amino acids and choline chloride
  • Most suitable for severely deficit, dull, lethargic birds and cattle.
  • Choline chloride helps in synthesis of egg yolk & prevents fatty liver syndrome
  • Increase in egg and meat production.
  • Helps in faster recovery during disease and outbreak


  • 5 Times Higher concentration of Organic Calcium
  • Prevents thin shelled eggs and drop in egg production.
  • Prevents leg weakness and to improve weight gains in broilers..
  • Prevents macrocytic anaemia, stunted growth and hypocalcaemia.


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