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Quality Assurance

All of our goods go through verification of their technical specifications once received. This is performed in an independent, non-affiliated laboratory.


We provide Additives, Supplements, Enzymes, Herbal supplements & Medicines

About Mettle Chem

Mettle Chem was established in 2010, and is backed by the knowledge of more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Animal farm production, animal nutrition, and the markets and technologies associated with these fields.When it comes to feed additives, we offer a high degree of technical knowledge in formulating effective compounds that meet customer demands both in terms of further processing and in terms of nutrition.

Through its work with so many international partners, our company has become adept at responding effectively to the varying needs of our international customers. Furthermore, our company takes advantage of high-tech biotechnology mechanisms and different innovations in order to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible.


All of our goods go through verification of their technical specifications once received. Such inspection is performed by M-Feed in an independent, non-affiliated laboratory.

As such, only raw materials that have gone through testing will go through the production process. Furthermore, the final product will only be released for sale once it has been issued a final certificate of analysis.

To make sure that all products provided by M-Feed are used correctly, we offer technical support and consulting services to all our customers as an extension of the QM system.

All of our employees go through an intense training process and are constantly updating their knowledge of quality assurance at all levels, from technical details to customer service procedures. Our company is committed to constant improvement and we are continually re-shaping and improving our processes at all levels.


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